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Epoxy hardener


Epoxy resin hardener is an indispensable raw material for the production of abrasives and abrasives. The binder formed by mixing epoxy resin and curing agent in proportion is like the cement of building, wrapped in gravel, steel bar, and integrated after hardening reaction. Its quality determines the perfor-mance and life of abrasives and abrasives.

What is even more amazing is that different kinds of epoxy resins and

Curing agents interact to form the bond directly to create different textures of

polishing materials. The products of Xinlisu, which has mastered the key keys,

have been able to cover three categories of general consolidated abrasives,

coated abrasives and superhard consolidated abrasives in the transverse area,

and continue to extend in the longitudinal field. In addition to abrasives, it has

developed epoxy AB adhesive, epoxy resin coating, glass fiber reinforced plastic

products and automobile wood and other raw materials.