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Metal Surface Treatment



From the traditional manual throwing pieces to chip manipulator grinding

From casting to die casting

From weld, edge, burr, oxide layer, electroplating and other traditional hardware processes, to stainless steel, copper, aluminum, iron, steel, alloy, non-ferrous metal, all kinds of materials surface grinding, drawing, decoration, polishing,

Xinsilu continuously provides complete product series of polishing tools for home decoration hardware, hand tools, construction hardware, handle, hinge, door lock, door hinge, golf ball head.

Low temperature grinding, fast polishing, excellent finish, superior service life and attractive prices are prerequisites for successful harsh grinding of cutters and hand tools. Regardless of the size and shape of the workpiece, the material or the machine tool. Xinsilu's epoxy resin production line offers suitable specifications, shapes, softness and hardness combined with high quality abrasives to maximize productivity and service life.