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Function and Characteristics of Five Group Tube Polishing Machine


Function and Characteristics of Five Group Tube Polishing Machine

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Five groups of tube polishing machine main features: adjustable guide wheel speed to meet the different diameter, different speed of the workpiece grinding and polishing requirements. Optional installation of cooling system; equipped with dust cover, environmental protection, safety.
Use: The machine is mainly used for: metal, electroplating, Gangmu furniture, standard parts, automobile and motorcycle accessories and hydraulic transmission and other manufacturing industries. For a variety of shafts, rods, pipe pieces of the outer surface of the polished, suitable for the workpiece after the lathe polished.
Five sets of tube polishing machine main scope of application: centerless tube polishing machine The equipment is mainly for lighting, furniture, plumbing equipment, medical equipment, fishing gear, plastic factory round tube, round bar for sand, polished. Operating program: the installation of polishing wheel and feeding tray, feeding guard adjustment.
A. The process needs to select the appropriate polishing wheel, and the wheel mounted on the polished spindle, lock the nut, trim the polishing wheel balance;
B. According to the size of the workpiece, adjust the feeding tray height, to ensure that the work center on the bracket and the center of the high degree of polishing wheel center height or slightly lower than the center of the polishing wheel;
C. Workpiece size, adjust the transport of rubber and polishing wheel horizontal radial position, so that the workpiece level axial position in the middle of the feed tray;
D. Adjust the leveling distance of the feed guard, so that there is a certain gap between the workpiece and the workpiece;
Small-scale tube polishing machine manufacturers: the development of grinding technology and the status quo in-depth analysis In the development of human society in the process, grinding technology has been widely used, and with the continuous progress of the times, people also The application of some advanced science and technology to it, which makes the grinding process effect has been further improved, so that the quality of parts processing and efficiency has been further protected. However, when the parts processing efficiency in the process of continuous improvement, parts processing temperature is gradually improved, which has a serious impact on the quality of parts processing, thus hindering the development of grinding technology. As early as the early 20th century, people in the grinding temperature and grinding the relationship between the processing speed has a certain study, and some scholars believe that grinding in the process of high-speed operation, there will be hot trench, The temperature rises rapidly, which has a serious impact on the quality of grinding workers.
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