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Development Status of Small Round Pipe Polishing Machine


Development Status of Small Round Pipe Polishing Machine

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In recent years, with the development of science and technology, China's machinery manufacturing industry has made great progress, machinery manufacturing industry is the basic industry of national economy, but also an important manifestation of a national strength, it not only marks the level of development of a national science and technology, and But also the focus of international competition.To the degree of automation of mechanical equipment, some stand-alone performance has reached the international advanced level.However, China's high-end machinery and international technology, there is still a certain gap, from the overall automation of mechanical equipment The degree is still lacking, especially the mechanical manufacturing technology is the weak link in our country, there is still a lot of room for growth.
 Small round tube polishing machine is mainly used for metal manufacturing, vehicle parts, hydraulic cylinders, steel wood furniture, instrumentation machinery, standard parts and plating before and after the industry derusting and polishing. Round tube polishing machine is the best choice for round pipe, round bar, slender shaft polishing. Round tube polishing machine can be installed a variety of polishing wheel, such as the impeller, linen wheel, nylon wheel, wool wheel, cloth round, PVA, guide wheel stepless speed control, simple operation, convenient and optimize the steel structure to make the performance more stable, Set the fan mouth can be installed dust removal fan.
Small automatic dust polishing machine Features:
1, automatic polishing machine high efficiency, good finish, abrasive supplies and other durable. 2, the machine has a simple operation, product performance and stability of the small noise by the majority of users praise. Products to meet the different industries to use optional cooling system and dust collection system. This machine can also install the dust fan. 3, the machine wheel rotation with stepless speed control mode, can better meet the different diameter, different length of the workpiece grinding or polishing. Because the machine wheel rotation with Promise speed mode so polished workpiece more efficient, better finish, abrasive supplies and other durable. Use: The machine Scope: for the industry: hardware, electroplating, furniture, standard parts, automobile and motorcycle accessories and hydraulic transmission and other manufacturing industries. For a variety of round pipe, round bar, shaft, rod surface grinding or polishing, rust, in addition to paint for non-centering cylindrical grinding machine after finishing the workpiece polishing.
 Operation method of small round tube polishing machine
1, the first workpiece into the track.
2, the center of the workpiece at the center of the wheel.
3, the track locked, so that the track by a certain angle tilt (tilt the greater the angle, the greater the progress of the workpiece).
4, start the guide wheel motor, if the forward speed is appropriate, move the grinding head to the workpiece.
5, if there is a thread that indicates a faster forward, may be appropriate to make the track tilt angle smaller.
6, to always check whether the lack of oil within the reducer.
7, to always check whether there is noise in the grinding head, or light moving.


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