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At the end of the second session of the World Robot and Intelligent Equipment Industry Conference and Expo, from more than 10 countries, more than 100 robots and smart equipment companies have demonstrated their strength products. Li Xunda robot as a well-known robot system in southern China automation and industrial intelligent equipment research and development, production of high-tech enterprises, at the show on the robot sketch station, gift box production line, including stamping, welding, polishing , Transportation and other robot system.
In the polished polished industry, due to the production process of dust, working workers working environment is bad, extremely easy to lead to occupational diseases. Since its inception in 2010, Lee Xunda robot assists the first field is polished polished, it can be said polishing grinding robot is the earliest R & D applications R & D application of an industrial robot. At present, this robot system is Lee Star's star products, used in grinding, polishing, mercerizing and nano-intensive processing areas, mainly in the automatic polishing, grinding system as the core, the overall pressure control technology in the operation through digital programming In the workpiece on the implementation of accurate control of abrasive wear compensation to ensure that the product quality as one.
Wide range of applications
Leading industry advantage
Li Xunda polishing grinding robot to the standardization, modular compact shape, shared working chassis, noise dustproof workplace, simple and reliable operation for the advantage, according to the appearance of the workpiece deburring, sanding, drawing, polishing And other processes. And its data input module, using the current market popular application software, such as CAD computer-aided design model, 3D scanner, CMM and CNC and other standard tools, to make the greatest possible realization of the workpiece fully automated robot flexible precision grinding processing.
For enterprises, the use of robots polishing polishing work, not only to improve product quality, long-term over the more effective reduction of production costs, bring more economic benefits. The Schwartz Polishing Grinding Robot system uses a unique calibration method to compensate for the deviation between the workpiece and the actual work, which can significantly reduce the rejection rate. In addition, Lee Xunda by reducing the supply and demand between the logistics time and logistics turnover in the second bumps, so that work efficiency has been improved to ensure the quality and stability of the workpiece at the same time, but also reduce the labor Strength, and save the equipment occupied area, so that the production costs can be reduced.
Polishing and grinding robot system is now widely used in major industries, such as automobile manufacturing, bathroom supplies, kitchen supplies, hardware furniture, 3C industry. Li Xunda polishing and grinding robots mainly composed of five major parts, including: the main body of the robot, including the double-bit force control belt and polishing machine polishing and polishing system, electrical control system, designed by Li Xunda patent system base and robot fixture, Grinding support module, loading and unloading workstations, assembly line and other assembly equipment, to meet the needs of a number of different industries polishing products polishing needs.
R & D strength
Li Xunda robot has independent innovation and R & D technology, has successfully developed special equipment system and automatic production line of more than 20 items, access to a number of patents, the authority of the media as the best robot polishing experts, dozens of people The core technology R & D team and nearly 100 technical application innovation team is its continuous R & D innovation and a solid backing. Among them, the "robot automated polishing system" "robot scrub system" have been in 2014 in Guangdong Province, the title of high-tech products, "robot automated grinding drawing system" as early as 2011 was also rated as high-tech products in Guangdong Province.
At the same time, Lee Xunda has long been with the Swedish abb robot company, Italy Koma robot company maintained a strategic partnership, get strong technical support. In 2014, Lee Xunda in the multi-party support, the establishment of the world's first "metal surface treatment robot application technology engineering center."
In the personnel training, Lee Xunda and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, South China University of Technology signed a cooperation agreement on the surface treatment of metal production and research cooperation, and Foshan Vocational and Technical College and other vocational schools to build a new model of personnel training, With the advantages of vocational and technical education for the robot industry to cultivate more high-quality, advanced to the application of talent.
In the near future, Lee Xunda in addition to metal surface treatment, but also ahead of the industry to produce a dedicated production of wood, acrylic and ceramic surface treatment of the first set of polished grinding robot system, specifically used in bathtub, acoustic guitar, golf Clubs and other production.
In the case of
Enterprises fully recognized
Based on Lee Xunda polishing grinding robot system perfect function and excellent service, there are many companies have used the system for production, and achieved good returns.
Guangdong Xinbao Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a leader in the field of small household appliances in China. Beginning in 2013, the new Po Electric introduced the Lee Xunda kettle drawing polishing robot. At present, the factory uses seven sets of robots brushed polished workstations, a robot can work 20 hours a day, the output of 3000 / day, pass rate of 90%, compared to manual polishing 10 hours a day, the output of 200-250 / Day, only 70% of the traditional production model, with a larger upgrade, not only save the cost, but also improve the efficiency.
Guangdong Sakuragao Kitchenware Co., Ltd. is China's largest production base of kitchen utensils. As the tank polishing process dust and more impact on the health of workers, Sakuragi kitchen utensils invested nearly 10 million to the Schindler purchased five sets of stainless steel sink polishing robot system. Sump polished robot system equipped with dust absorption equipment, so that the workshop is more clean at the same time to protect the health of workers, to solve the troubled cherry blossom kitchen recruitment problems. From the work efficiency point of view, according to the completion of 20,000 stainless steel sink polishing calculation, manual operation requires 70 workers, plant area of ​​10,000 square meters. At present, 5 sets of robots only 13 to 17 technical staff to maintain, Sakuragi kitchen utensils of the degree of automation to more than 90%, 20 times the efficiency of the plant area is also reduced to 1000 square meters, greatly improving the economic benefits.
In the future development, Li Xunda robot will not only continue to play its leading role in the field of polished grinding robots, but also continue to provide core competitiveness, technical innovation, and strive to make intelligent polishing and polishing technology applied to more industries , More new materials on the product, become China's polished grinding robot industry leader.

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