How to improve the technical content of the polishing materi


Of polishing material material most self-developed than the developed domestic, from a sense surface is concerned, is still relatively backward. There is no effective solution to improve polished stainless steel finish. The use of imported polishing material, technology content increased. Effective solution.


Limited and the company recently launched the latest polishing materials are widely used in stainless steel welded pipe machine, the product quality superior than before. Using imported raw materials are very durable use peer-twice. The following is a description of the company's latest Product class.


Polishing materials applications introduced


Polished stainless steel material is used for polishing material, polishing glass, metal, leather, semiconductors, plastics, precious stones, jade, stainless steel polishing, etc.. Stainless steel the polishing materials including: stainless steel polishing wax, stainless steel 1000 round, Ma round, 1000 impeller, wind cloth wheel, cloth Ma wheel, cotton wheel, wool wheel, white cloth wheel and a series of abrasive polishing material products. Suitable for stainless steel, copper, aluminum, polished, such as cutlery, fishing gear and accessories, all kinds of hardware, a major role in addition to trachoma, burrs and rough surface leveling to achieve a smooth effect.


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