Select different machinery and equipment production of abras


Mechanical selection in the choice of abrasive material in the production of finished products, there are certain requirements. Machinery and equipment is properly selected, the first condition for success of craft products and production of quality products. Punch mechanical products, the machine can be used to produce an abrasive material comprising: a bearing ball mill, moving a ball mill, a planetary ball mill, etc., these three mechanical products have different characteristics:


(1) bearing a ball mill: In the structure of the machine on, the bearing ball mill, replaced by a rolling bearing pad structure, and to prevent axial displacement of the anchor, improving the service life and conservation of the oil, water, electricity consumption. Bearing ball mill is composed by a cylinder, wheelhead, access to materials, apparatus and transmission apparatus, wherein: 1, the rolling bearing 3 and the hollow shaft 4 is connected with a self-aligning feature of the 3000 type; 2, the rolling bearing 3 and the hollow shaft 4 Locating ring 7 fixed; 3, roller bearing locating pin 3 5 fixed inside and outside the ring displacement.


(2) moving the ball mill: vibration ball mill mainly consists of frame, exciter, grinding tank, electric control system, cooling system, grinding media, etc.. Round high frequency vibration exciter, mill grinding media impact by high-speed rotation and high-strength low-speed revolution portfolio rotation movement. Complex movement of materials to form a strong impact crushing and grinding role, general grinding material to the micron level, narrow particle size distribution range.


(3) a planetary ball mill: a planetary ball mill, which comprises a driving motor, a transmission gear group, the revolving spindle and the turntable, a plurality of spin axis, and around the respective spin axis of rotation of the milling pot, said milling tank is eccentrically mounted, the spin axis parallel to the geometric centerline of the cross-sectional centerline and milling pot.

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