Relationship polishing materials industrial production of th


Want good abrasive polishing materials industrial production, in the mechanical equipment and the process as well as the operation must have a certain understanding of such great help to smooth production.


        (1) The abrasive of the abrasive polishing material is it?


        The abrasive is a mixture consisting of the abrasive and the water or oil. According to the hardness of the workpiece and the allowance, the choice of the different specifications abrasive. Division of grinding their sources can be divided into natural abrasives and abrasive man. Natural abrasives include diamond, corundum, garnet.


        (2) abrasive polishing materials processing?


        With a grinding tool and an abrasive, to a very thin layer of the surface layer from the workpiece RESEARCH finishing method, referred to as grinding. Grinding, in the middle of the workpiece and the lap dense disk placed in a silicon carbide or other abrasive carborundum extrusion, the workpiece surface rupture, when the relative movement of the grinding disc and the workpiece, due to the irregular abrasive and the polishing disc and the workpiece surface to scroll through the broken fragments of the workpiece surface and grinding invasive fragments "push it away", so to repeat, and gradually become smooth and sophisticated plane of the workpiece surface. According to the polishing abrasive whether to use the working fluid, can be divided into wet polishing and dry polishing.


        The dry grinding method of processing a small amount, generally finishing obtained is bright mirror grinding.


        Wet grinding method of processing a large amount of Yin is rough, wet grinding is the Lipi like dark glossy.


        (3) abrasive polishing materials, mechanical equipment works is it?


        Polishing material for grinding machine grinder for grinding the workpiece surface is coated or embedded abrasive lap. Mainly used for high-precision grinding workpiece plane, external cylindrical surface, conical surface, spherical threaded surface and other type surface. The main types of grinder disc type grinding machine, the shaft type grinding machine, and a variety of special grinding machine. Grinding machine control system to the PLC for the control of the core text display of the control of the man-machine dialogue interface.


        Grinder with variable speed system control, suitable for grinding various components of the grinding speed can be easily adjusted. Business enterprises are generally electric - gas proportional valve pressure control closed loop feedback grinder, 

individually adjustable pressure device. On the disc is set to slow down function, effectively prevent crackers broken workpiece. By a time relay and a grinding counter, processing requirements can be accurately set and control the grinding time and grinding laps.

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