What is stainless steel 1000 impeller polishing materials?


Stainless steel 1000 impeller, also known as the 1000 round, chuck type page wheel, belonging to one of the polishing material, each bonded products to hundreds of gauze, it got its name. It is based on alumina abrasive substrate for the cloth produced by the pipeline into the gauze, gauze of cascading and full resin paste made. Vertical open groove of the chuck to the sand blade is fixed between the upper and lower chuck, the inner edge of the sand blades are respectively provided at both ends of the L-shaped snap-fit ??groove and fastening ring, the fastening ring is fixedly connected with the anchoring groove, said fastening ring bonding glue curing anchoring groove, and the thousands of pages of wheels.


And supporting tools:


        The products are generally supporting a variety of automatic, electric and manual grinding machine, polishing machine polishing job.


Second, the product features:


        The product face hard wear, with strong flexibility, with sharp cutting, high processing efficiency, do not burn the workpiece, the stability of the physical and chemical properties, safe, continuous operation easy, more time-saving than hand-polished, the surface treatment of the top mass of abrasive products.


Third, the product uses:


        The large surface area of ??stainless steel the 1000 impeller suitable for a variety of stainless steel, metal, wood, furniture, stone field rough polishing and grinding, rust removal and grinding, polishing of various irregular surface shaping, different materials, machinery manufacturing a wide range of rust polished, polished, high efficiency, long service life. Automotive manufacturing, heavy machinery, ship repair, stainless steel, aluminum, metal and decorative industries are commonly used in this product.


Fourth, the product parameters:


        Abrasive: Alumina


        Substrate: Burkina Faso


        Adhesives: full-resin


        Outside diameter: 100mm-300mm


        Thickness: 25mm-100mm


        Inside diameter: 16mm-32mm


        Particle Size: 60 # -600 #

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