Polishing machine polishing materials introduced


Polishing machine consists of a base, selling, polishing fabric, polished cover and cover basic components. The motor is fixed on the base, the fixed polishing discs used drogue are connected by screws with the motor shaft. The polishing fabric fastened on the polishing disc through the ferrule, the motor through the base of the switch is turned on after the power supply starter can hand pressure applied to the sample to be polished in the rotation of the polishing disc. Added the polishing liquid in the polishing process can be fixed on the base of the plastic tray drain inflow placed in the square plate adjacent the polishing machine. Polishing hood and cap prevents lime soil and other debris in the machine when not in use and on a polishing fabric and affect the results.


The polishing material is used for the material is thrown, grinding and polishing glass, metal, leather, semiconductor, plastics, precious stones Jade polishing stainless steel. Such as glass polishing using red iron oxide, tin dioxide, aluminum oxide, cerium oxide, barium carbonate, chalk, clay, diatomaceous earth, powdered mixture with water into a suspension, etc. with use after. Metal and plastic polishing solid ointment.


There are four commonly used polishing paste.


  1 white polishing paste. Made with lime and stearic acid, fatty acid, paint grease, tallow, suet, Ash etc., for the polishing of nickel, copper, aluminum, and bakelite.


  2 yellow polishing paste. Feldspar powder and paint lipid, fatty acid, rosin, massicot, lime, soil Pink, etc. with, for the polishing of copper, iron, aluminum, and bakelite.


  3 green polishing paste. Tie fatty acids and Yanghuagelv, made ??for polishing of stainless steel and chrome.


  4, red polishing paste. Made with fatty acids, ash, iron oxide red, the loss generally used for metal plating the former


polishing and polishing gold, silver back light polishing materials, polishing machine vibration polishing machine, as well as the traditional hand polishing machine.

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