Marble refurbished according to stone texture polished


Stone after years of use and its natural weathering, coupled with improper care, it is easy to lead to its natural color and brightness disappeared, it is unimaginable; re-decoration costs are too high, too long. Marble renovation process is in a very short period of time the use of chemical and physical role in the original basis of the machine through the grinding, polishing, to restore its original brightness, natural color, brightness 100%, both economical and time- Life of more than five years.
    Process flow
    Tools: stone refurbished machine, terrazzo machine, washing machine, marble polishing machine, vacuum suction machine, diamond disc 6 group, red pad, white pad, special scouring pad
    The use of pharmaceuticals: stone abrasive KP92, stone brightener, stone protection agent
    According to the degree of damage to the marble, with a refurbished machine with a different diamond discs to be polished, must comply with the stone line texture to operate until the stone surface smooth and uniform color; with a grinding agent with a mat grinding and polishing until the penetration and drying; With the mat to polish until dry, and finally spray the protective agent to polish until the brightness recovery as ever. The surface of the refurbished stone according to its own material, the highest brightness of up to 120 degrees or more.
    The main mineral composition of marble is all kinds of calcite, dolomite or serpentine. Marble abrasion and luminosity are relatively lower than granite. So the possibility of renovation, renovation is difficult, the cost is relatively low. The key to refurbishment is to improve the flatness, luminosity, hardness and anti-seepage treatment. Machine, abrasive, operation, these three points to be organic combination, according to the degree of damage to the stone surface with mild, moderate, deep renovation.

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