Global analysis of stainless steel cylindrical polishing machine quality


Global science and technology innovation is showing a new development trend and the rapid integration of emerging disciplines, new disciplines continue to emerge, the forefront of the field continues to expand, the evolution of the universe, material structure, the origin of life, the essence of consciousness and other basic science field is expected to achieve significant breakthroughs. Quantum computer technology, information technology, biotechnology, new materials technology, new energy technology widely penetrated, led to all areas of green, intelligent, pan, fusion is characterized by technological revolution, the traditional sense of basic research, applied research, Technology development and industrialization of the increasingly blurred boundaries, more innovative chain of technological innovation, technological innovation and transformation of results more quickly, the industry has been accelerating the upgrading.
Stainless steel cylindrical polishing machine is mainly used for metal manufacturing, vehicle accessories, steel wood furniture, instrumentation machinery, standard parts and plating before and after the industry derusting and polishing, is the round tube, round bar, slender shaft polishing the best choice The So what are the characteristics of the construction of cylindrical polishing machine?
Stainless steel cylindrical polishing machine Features:
Suitable for polishing of different sizes of workpiece.
Wafer polishing machine Scope:
Electroplating, metal, mold processing, gas spring rods, hydraulic fittings, brass copper rods, steel pipe iron rods, stainless steel tubes, aluminum tubes, handicraft processing, Gangmu furniture, trachea tube, vehicle accessories and other cylindrical polishing industry.
1, for a variety of pipe and shaft surface mirror light, sanding effect;
2, the proposed grinding supplies: nylon wheel, thousand impeller, grinding wheel (EXL, LD, CP) effective combination of non-core grinding work principle, the workpiece cylindrical polishing quality reliable and stable, and automatic feeding;
3, simple operation, stable performance, can be water mill, oil mill, dry grinding;
4, can be equipped with speed control device and the installation of environmental dust removal function.
Cylindrical polisher processing of the workpiece with high brightness and will not affect the original size of the workpiece, especially for the centerless grinding machine after finishing the workpiece polishing.
Stainless steel cylindrical polishing machine manufacturers, in the use of automatic polishing machine for processing, polishing abrasive should maintain a certain degree of toughness, that abrasive abrasive in the force or impact with the ability to resist the rupture. Here we have a specific understanding of this knowledge about it
Like the human joints and ligaments, this toughness can play a protective role on the machine, so that automatic polishing machine and abrasive micro-cutting to maintain cutting performance, even if the machine becomes passivated, and its rupture surface can Produce a new cutting micro-blade in order to continue to maintain a sharp state to complete the cutting.
Stainless steel cylindrical polishing machine manufacturers analysis, if the polished abrasive brittle large steward, then it will not play a full role in the cutting before being damaged. Abrasive toughness is largely determined by its crystallization state, as well as cracks and pores in the crystal defects, the size of the crystal and abrasive macroscopic geometric shape and granulation methods and other factors.
It can be seen, stainless steel cylindrical polishing machine manufacturers, automatic polishing machine polishing abrasive effect on the equipment has a direct impact, in this recommendation the majority of consumers in the purchase of polishing abrasive, we must test the performance of abrasive, effectively guarantee the best The polishing effect.

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